Chirpy Cups are available in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz sizes. Pick a size that fits your brand story.



Customise your artwork

Chirpy Cups can carry any high resolution, multi-color life-like image. Customise your artwork using our pre-set Illustrator files.  We will print using the In-Mold Labelling (IML) technology on the tumbler you choose.


select a matching lid

Go with a custom-made colored lid that matches your design. Made from 100% recyclable material, all lids are leak-proof.  For coffee and tea, sipper lid with a stopper is super popular. For cold beverages the flip-top lid goes best.

Custom Sipper Cup - 16oz - Stallion Barware (1).jpg

 To know more, take a look at our catalog or write to us on hello@chirpycups.com.