What’s so chirpy about Chirpy Cups?

Imagine a whole new way to connect with those who matter to you. Whether its customers, dealers, employees or potential users, how about leaving an impact on one and all through something new-age, eco-friendly and colorful to the core. That’s Chirpy Cups - colorful, customizable and world’s most sustainable cups and sippers around.

Why a sipper or a coffee cup you’d ask?

Simple, because it stays with people wherever they go! Think commute, and there’s a coffee cup in hand. Think travel, and a water or cold drink sipper is a must. Think workplace, and a tea or coffee cup accompanies each of us. Think gym, and there you go with a cold beverage or shake in hand. And also think kids, and a sipper bottle with your brand on it, serves like a super way to establish a special connect.

Made from a food-grade material and printed using tree-free paper, Chirpy Cups are certified by TUV Rheinland for food safety.  They are re-usable  and non-disposable unlike the widely used paper cups that add to global waste. In fact, 1 Chirpy Cup = 90 paper cups! So you know the impact generated every time someone sips coffee, a beverage or simply water in a Chirpy Cup.

Are they recyclable? Yes and 100%. Made using an eco-friendly process with no use of wood, Chirpy Cups leave a significantly lower carbon footprint. And that offers these cool-n-colorful cups a sustainable edge over all-paper or all-plastic café cups around that add to the colossal non-recyclable waste.

Who has tried them? Good question. Some of the most iconic auto manufacturers, leading coffee chains, best of schools, liquor brands, media conglomerates, established business houses and the list is growing.

Let Chirpy Cups narrate your brand story too like never before.