Why you should invest in a Chirpy Cup?

Am I the only one who sees the increase in waste due to rapid use of plastics and its products? I bet I am not the only one. In this day-to-day life we use plastic cups, bags, sheets and a lot more. Use of the plastic product is necessary in some cases but not in each and every one. And on top of it we have a great substitute ‘PAPER’. We use paper products like cups so that we should not feel guilty about using the plastic which is UNRECYCLABLE waste. But at what cost?!


You think Paper Cups are only made of paper? Think again. Majority of paper cups are coated with polyethylene to prevent leakage. And that leaves them unrecyclable for eternity.

So, what’s the solution?

Saying a big YES to Chirpy Cup.

So far used as cafe cups, tumblers and sippers, Chirpy Cups are an incredibly unique way to combine style and sustainability. Not only are they trendy but also environment-friendly, reusable and re-enjoyable cups. Made a tree-free material, they are 100% BPA free and recyclable too!  Chirpy Cups promote an important message that truly means making this planet a better place to live in. That makes these world’s funnest cups and green-hearted to the core too!

What’s more, they add color to your life and make their eco-friendly presence felt every time you pour in them your favorite morning brew, that signature cold shake or just water to carry along.

And did you know, there’s a Chirpy Cup for everyone! From Chirpy small that suits a quick fix of coffee, a Chirpy medium that effortlessly carries your preferred cold beverage to Chirpy Big that loves to go along with you to the gym as a fashionable sipper!


Every time you pack your beverage in a Chirpy Cup instead of a paper cup, you consciously contribute to saving trees. Oh also, when loved and cared for, a daily used Chirpy Cup lasts for over 2 years.

Packed oh-so-beautifully in a teal and tangerine box, each cup is accompanied by a sipper and a coffee lid. And the lids are just as chirpy as the Chirpy Cups!

If you don't have a Chirpy Cup yet why not grab one from the newly launched uber colorful range just launched on Amazon and Flipkart! We bet you’ll love making Chirpy Cups a part of your life.

Shantanu Gadewar